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My name is Daniel John Byrne I created this application to showcase some of my Ruby on Rails abilities. This website features a short portfolio and biography about myself and offers users a chance to contribute articles to this site. The articles will be found on the home page under "recent articles". To add, view and create artcles you must Sign Up!

About Me:

I am a Freelance Full Stack Ruby on Rails developer. I was introduced to Ruby on Rails in 2015. In addition to Ruby on Rails I have worked on various projects using the following:

In June 2014 two friends and I came up with an idea to create an E-Commerce store selling mens clothing and accessories, from there I decided if I'm going to enter the E-commerce world I should learn how to develop my own website and thats exactly what I did. By learning WordPress and minor PHP coding myself along with my partners were able to launch our very own E-commerce store.

Prior to web development I was a full time musician as well as a retail manager in Telecommunications. My passion for music started when I was 6 years of age. My father had his old drum set sitting in the attic. When I spotted them collecting dust I immediately asked "Hey Dad what are those?" From that point on I was non-stop music. At the age of 23, I attended college, graduating with an associates degree in Business Marketing Administration and jumped into sales and store management for Canada's number 1 telecommunication company Bell Mobility/Virgin Canada.

My hobbies and interest include long hikes, camping, traveling, watching live music, redditing and enjoying some down time with my guitar. On occasion I can be found in-person at local meetups and coffee pubs throughout areas of Toronto, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland working on various coding projects.

If you have a question(s) or would like to learn more about what I do, please feel free to contact me on here or by Email.

Kind Regards,